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August 19, 2019

As fall is approaching I’m looking forward to routines and gathering families together to create and play. I’m teaching at @themothershipclt on Wednesday and Fridays and on Thursdays I will be at Myers Park Baptist Church. Classes for babies and toddlers, link in profile.

August 10, 2019

Ooblek, so messy but quite easy to clean up actually! Once dried it just sweeps up. I love ooblek because there are so many ways to extend play. First we made the ooblek and mixed together, then I added the silicone muffin cups and was able to make her lovely cupcakes again after adding flowers. The finale of course, glitter sprinkles. By waiting to add each element you can really extend your child’s play and work on many skills.

August 06, 2019

“Play is the work of childhood.” Fred Rogers

Toddler Art Playgroup is starting up again in September, hooray! Join us on Thursdays in Myers Park. This class is pure magic for our littles and their caregivers. Sensory play is such a beneficial experience for children: Develops fine motor skills
Builds confidence
 Invites independent play and story telling
Tactile learning 
If you know of someone who might enjoy this please share with them. Link in profile. ️

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