Heather L. Murphy

I have always been a fan of paper, scissors and glue. As a young girl I used to collage my walls with magazine images and continue that practice today.

I have taken the scenic route many times in my career. After several years as a real estate closer I was looking for a new path. I hired a life coach, I surrounded myself with creative souls, and my life completely changed. Every day before I left for my 8-5 job, I created a postcard sized collage. Even though the collages took less than 15 minutes to create, I felt more like an artist than a real estate closer. Those postcard collages became an art show.

Collage Wall

Soon after my first show an opportunity arose and I was able to leave my job. This gave me the chance to pursue more art and shows, and to get a degree in web design. My intention was to learn web design so that I could design and develop a website for my art, but as it turns out I enjoy creating with my mouse just as much as I do with my paintbrush.

I value creating the space that brings the visions of small businesses and creative individuals to life. I am dedicated to providing smart creative solutions and treat each project with special care. I would love to hear about YOUR project! Please get in touch with me so we can chat.

  • I am a wife, mama, and a runner.
  • I have a weakness for ampersands.
  • I am really great at doing cartwheels.
  • I wear a cardigan sweater almost every day.