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About Me

heather l murphy collage wall

I have always been a fan of paper, scissors and glue. As a young girl I used to collage my walls with magazine images and continue that practice today.

I have taken the scenic route many times in my career. After several years as a real estate closer I was looking for a new path. I hired a life coach, I surrounded myself with creative souls, and my life completely changed. Every day before I left for my 8-5 job, I created a postcard sized collage. Even though the collages took less than 15 minutes to create, I felt more like an artist than a real estate closer. Those postcard collages became an art show.

Soon after my first show an opportunity arose and I was able to leave my job. This gave me the chance to pursue more art and shows, and to get a degree in web design. My intention was to learn web design so that I could design and develop a website for my art, but as it turns out I enjoy creating with my mouse just as much as I do with my paintbrush.

I value creating the space that brings the visions of small businesses and creative individuals to life. I am dedicated to providing smart creative solutions and treat each project with special care. I would love to hear about YOUR project! Please get in touch with me so we can chat.

What else is there to to know about me?

I am a wife, mama, and a runner.
I have a weakness for ampersands.
I am really great at doing cartwheels.
I wear a cardigan sweater almost every day.

services offered

Website Design, Print, Email Marketing, Mixed Media Commissions

Heather, not only do you have the skill and the eye, you have the depth and breath. Thank you for creating an authentic reflection. Your delight and fervor while in the process of creating is contagious.  What may seem like a linear project becomes an all encompassing experience of wonder. —Kari Maxwell

If you have a project in mind I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line so that we can start discussing details about your next big idea! If you are in Charlotte, I am happy to meet in person or for clients outside the local area, we can keep in touch via email, phone or Skype.

I collaborate with superstar developers who bring my designs to life and I will connect you once your design is ready to be coded.

What will this cost you ask? The cost varies from project to project. Shoot me an email if you are interested in working together and I can give you a quote. After we discuss all of the specifics and your project requirements, I will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate.


selected artworks


Feel free to contact with me by using the form below or just e-mail me directly.