Favorite Art Supplies for Toddlers

  • I use these washable tempera paints in class from Discount School Supply, these are a great option on Amazon too.
  • Paint cups are a great way to present paints to your toddler, I usually fill it about 1/3 full, they don’t need a lot. I like to use these that have white lids so I can be flexible with colors. Baby food jars, plastic palettes, and just squeezing a bit on your painting surface are good ways to present/store paint too.
  • My favorite paintbrushes are these from Ikea, they are the perfect size for little hands.
  • If painting on an easel I love using newsprint and we also use this paper from Discount School Supply.
  • Kwik Stix! These are magical for us. Tempera paint sticks that are so vibrant and dry in 90 seconds. Great for layering and for using on the go.
  • Do a Dot Markers, these are the first mark making tools that both of my children really got into before paint. Michaels has their own line of these as well. “dot dot dot dot dot”
  • There are so many fun options for beading. When working with toddlers I like to use plastic coated wire as an alternative to pipe cleaners which can be a bit pokey. This brand has really fun colors and works well with all kinds of beads.
  • For beads, most companies recommend 3+, you know your child best. I like to use large chunky wooden beads that I buy in bulk. These buttons from Discount School Supply are super fun.
  • Playdough is so versatile and is great for multiple ages. Most of the time I make our own dough, but I love the option of being able to buy it for ease.
  • For toddlers I love to offer craft sticks and buttons to poke into their play dough.

*Tip: Figurines and cars are a great way to expand and extend your child’s play. Children love to roll cars through paint and it’s fun to make prints in dough and paint with animals. We use these from Learning Resources and keep a small bowl of them available.